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The principal business and purpose of the Livestock Registering Federation shall be to unite, promote and protect its members acting as Registering Authorities into an affiliated federation operating under self-imposed standards of performance and conduct, to promote the mutual interests and ideals of its members. 

To carry out these objectives, the LRF shall have the following authority:

  • To promote, foster and advance the interests of its members engaged in the genetic improvement of cattle and other livestock by means of performance recording;

  • To encourage cooperative working relationships among organizations and individuals engaged in the registration and performance recording of livestock;  

  • To co-operate with other related industry associations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies in the pursuit of livestock improvement;

  • To liaise and co-operate with the National Department of Agriculture ensuring improvement and promotion of the pedigree and commercial livestock sectors.

  • In general, to engage in such activities in connection with or incidental to the foregoing which are not prohibited by law and are deemed to be in the best interests and welfare of Federation members.

Die LRF verenig, promofeer en beskerm die belange van sy lede wat as Onafhanklike Registrerende Owerhede funksioneer, volgens die Diereverbeteringswet 62 van 1998, in 'n geaffilieërde federasie. Die lede is primęr betrokke by die genetiese verbetering van beeste en ander vee.





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