The Brangus breed combination results in a breed which unites the traits of two highly successful parent breeds. The Brahman, through rigorous natural selection, developed disease resistance, overall hardiness and outstanding maternal instincts. Angus are known for their superior carcass qualities. They are also functional females.The Brangus Society offers more than just support and advise.

Our Vision:The breeding of a Brahman which, under South African climatological conditions yields economical results due to its adaptability and efficient utilization of natural grazing and the total quality improvement of the breed.Mission:To encourage the breeding and improvement of the genetic production,research and promotion in connection

The origin of the SA Braford as a new cattle breed is already in line with the international trend which combines the fine characteristics of two or more breeds into a new or synthetic breed which will be more effective in circumstances.Combine high motherly qualities of the Brahman 

The Limousin riginated in France and is believed to be as old as the European continent itself. Cave paintings discovered in the Lascaux Caves that are about 20 000 years old make us think of today’s Limousins. this very special meat characteristics and can make its mark with great success in any cattle farm,The highest outcome percentage, Limousin high motherly qualities