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HerdMASTER 5 Features

Features: General
Unlimited number of animal records
One license for multiple computers (excepting central sync)
Copy information directly into excel
Import from devices
Import from TSI devices
Integration with PNP devices
Universal File Import
Excel File Import/Export
Crush Side Recording Unit
Advanced Customisable Filters
Column Filters on Animal lists
Animal Worksheets
Multiple Properties
Multiple Locations (within each property)
Business Contact Database
Customise your own traits
Inventory and Batch control for treatments
Automatic Calculations (eg. Avg Daily Weight Gain)
Customisable Yardsheets
Integration with Society Traits
Central Server Sync available
Bulk add animals
Traversable pedigree trees
Visual Farm
Import EBVs
Import Tag Buckets from File
Import Tag Buckets from NLIS
NLIS Audit
Submit movements/sales to NLIS
Send re-tags to NLIS
Create customised reports
Custom Sales Catalogue generation
Export to Societies
Export to NLIS
Export to TSI Device
BREEDPLAN Integrity Reports
BREEDPLAN Completeness Report
EBV Reports
Animal Reports
Weight Reports
Contact Reports
QA Reports
Sales and Purchases Reports
Inventory Reports
Activity Reports
Pedigree Reports
Production Reports
Sire Performance Reports
Mating Reports
Multi-sire matings
Semen inventories
Embryo inventories
Embryo Flushes
DNA testing export